Breakfast of Champions: Lemon-Raspberry Parfait

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I have a confession to make: I’ve been eating a lot of cake/brownies/cookies lately. It makes me feel incredibly guilty, which, from a logical standpoint, doesn’t make much sense. If one were to take into account all the ingredients, they wouldn’t find a single guilt-worthy one. After all, what makes a plate of steamed broccoli “healthier” than pureed steamed broccoli in a cake?

I suppose it’s more about the psychological connections we have with certain foods. I remember my friend telling me once that, every time he ate something “unhealthy,” he would follow it up with something “healthy” like “broccoli”. Of course, being the kind of person that puts broccoli in my cake, my first question was what he would do if the cake was made out of something “healthy” (like broccoli). Not being one to obsess over every bite of food, he shrugged and let the issue pass, but I haven’t been able to let go of it since.

Whenever I eat a “healthy” version of a typically “unhealthy” food, my id and superego begin to battle it out in a dialogue reminiscent of the 1930s comedy sketch, “Who’s on First?” It seems neither one can understand the other and neither one cares to try. As a result, I am left guilty and confused about whether or not I should consider my baked goods “unhealthy” or “healthy”.

I guess the only question that really needs to be answered is why I care so much.

Things to think about:

  1. How do you define healthy? Is it macronutrient composition? Raw food? Calories? Is it more a “feeling” based on what you associate the food with?
  2. Based on your definition, how do you (or how don’t you) moderate unhealthy vs. healthy foods?
  3. Where would you put a cake made out of broccoli on the spectrum?

For the parfait:

  • Lemon Cake: Sponge cake seasoned with lemon zest
  • Whipped Cream: Try my version made with sugar-free, fat-free pudding
  • Raspberry Sauce: Mix low-calorie raspberry yogurt with water until it forms a saucy consistency

6 responses to “Breakfast of Champions: Lemon-Raspberry Parfait

  1. sarah March 8, 2011 at 6:18 pm


    I base everything on how I feel…if I am eating only vegetables and protein I feel healthy if i eat carbs I feel unhealthy….mainly if I am trying to lose weight….if I am not trying to lose weight than I don’t really care as much as long as I don’t gain. I then focus more on macronutrients as well as calories and ratios and all that….

  2. xoomajourney March 8, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe to day “for my kids” and ate half a dozen. They were so good, though I felt un-good! I’m still leaning on the side of it being worth it 🙂 ~Jackie

    • Mekkie March 9, 2011 at 11:17 pm

      Ah, the old, “for so-and-so” trick! I can’t tell you how many batches of cupcakes I’ve made for my brother. 😉 Totally worth it!

  3. Emmie March 11, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    The lemon raspberry parfait looks absolutely scrumptious 😀 I’d try it

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