Adventures in Sprouting: Wheatberries

Bowl of SproutsOne of my high school friends introduced me to the concept. Of course, I knew what sprouts are-I love alfalfa sprouts in just about everything-and I had heard about the raw food diet in relation to them. I had just never considered the possibility of making them myself. Until now.

Thanks to my good friend (let’s call him…J *waves to J*), I now am in possession of my very own sprouting jar. It’s not a very complicated contraption, but judging by these wonderful greens, it’s a pretty useful one.

I was afraid the wheatberries wouldn’t sprout. They were old (think years, not months), the water wasn’t “distilled,” the temperature was probably a little off…but these little balls of wheat couldn’t care less.

Germinating sprouts

Germinating sprouts

I “germinated” (a.k.a. soaked) the wheat berries for about 3 hours. Then rinsed them, then drained them and, finally, just left them in my cupboard, rinsing occasionally. After about 2 days, I began to see little bits of white at the tips of the berries. The next morning, I awoke to long tails. I failed to heed the warnings of the sprouters before me and decided to let the wheat berries sprout some more before putting them in the sun to “green”. Big mistake.

Apparently, if you let wheat berries sprout too long and/or green, they become sickeningly sweet. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but here it is: they are too sweet for me to eat. Yes, it’s true: I have finally found a substance too sweet for my exorbitantly acquainted sweet taste buds.

A sea of sprouts

A sea of sprouts

Now…all I have to do is find a use for these. I know, I know, I should just make wheat grass, but that just requires so much extra effort. And then I would have to do something with the grass. Suggestions?


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