Pantry/Cabinet Cleanout

When my grad student texted me this morning saying he was going to bail (yet AGAIN), I decided to use the day to cook. I was going to, I swear. I was going to make something wonderful with the huge pot of quinoa. Something that wasn’t cake. Something that was a meal. With vegetables. And protein. And other healthy things.

I don’t know what it was though. Maybe the “get stuff done” kick of the ADD meds I’m on; maybe the “pain in the pit of my stomach” depression instigated by not having my mother call me for over a week when she last left me crying and sobbing; maybe the subconscious realization that I will NEVER get to do a real reaction in the lab because my grad student will keep bailing and, because of this, this entire semester (which was supposed to have been full of research), will be spent doing nothing…..

Whatever it was, all I wanted to do when I got downstairs and finished working out was clean out my pantry. So here I am, with a few more ingredients than I had this morning, but with no desire to do anything but reorganize them.

I suppose I should be happy my pains are deep enough to keep me from destroying anything, but I really did want to cook something today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t food, it was chemicals I was hoping to cook…

In case anyone is wondering what I found, here is a list:
sun-dried tomatoes (not packed in anything)
dried rosemary
dried sage
bay leaves
dried mind
dried lavender

Any suggestions?


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