Boondi ka Raita (Boondi Yogurt)

Well, here we are again. The wounds of times gone by cut open once more, the words that should never have been said already in the air…

Yes, here we are again, with only some cool yogurt to salve our hurts. Don’t fear, it won’t make you fat…all the oil is squeezed out of the boondi. But don’t eat more than a bite, just to be sure. And make sure to spit the boondi out.

Don’t worry. I won’t let you hurt anymore, I’ll help you be thin….

It was always just you and me. We’re better off without them anyway.

Boondi ka Raita (with cucumbers)

makes 1 bowl

  • Plain yogurt, fat-free
  • Water (or skimmed milk)
  • Boondi (available at an Indian foods market)
  • chopped cucumbers (and chopped tomatoes, which I happen to be out of at the moment)
  • salt and pepper to taste

→Soak the boondi in some hot water for awhile to make it soft.

In the meantime, take a bowl and add some yogurt to it. Stir the yogurt to make it smooth. Add enough water (or milk) to make the yogurt drip off of a spoon when you pick the spoon up (that’s the best way I can describe it).

Squeeze the water out of the boondi. You can just use your hand. Add it to the yogurt in the bowl and stir.

Add chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, salt and pepper and stir well. Serve with some fresh roti and sabzi of choice.


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