Measured in pinches and a giveaway

Welcome to the new site everyone! Any comments/questions on my photoshopped header that took me (probably) more than 48 hours to make? Admittedly, most of it was spent reading photoshop tutorials and playing around with the program but still….

To get things kicked off, I’m sponsoring a giveaway. Yes, that’s right, my first giveaway ever. Keep reading because you could win your very own….


Morningstar Farms Tote Bag!

For all your environmentally-friendly shopping needs.

All you have to do is get this handy, fairly stylish tote is get 4 other people to follow me (via twitter/facebook/email/cookeatshare/whatever). Have them contact me telling me you sent them and I’ll put your name in a hat with all the other people that get 4 people to follow me.

The lucky winner will be chosen on February 12th, giving you plenty of time to find 4 people that are very interested in healthy food, its cooking and, above all else, its eating.

If you’re curious as to why I decided to change the name, see my earlier post, “What’s in a name?”

As House said, “It’s time for a change.” The words sound foreign considering I’m the kind of person that sleeps in the garage for a week when my parents decide to throw out the old couch, but, well, there it is….


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