Roti (aka chapati): the magic of the “poof”

There is nothing like a chapati. It’s so simple (a mixture of atta, i.e. whole wheat flour, and water), yet so complicated.

A roti’s magic is in whether or not it poofs (as shown in the pictures). Every time I go to my parents house, my mother will ask me, “Roti bana du?” Translated roughly, that means, “Should I make you a roti?”

My first response is always no (carbs are evil, right?) but then she lures me in even more…”Choti si, thin si, phuli vi”. Her promise of a small, thin, puffy roti gets the best of me every time.

I simply cannot say no to this bread that seems to rise without leavening or yeast, as if to say, I’m above your petty science tricks. I can do it all on my own.

Rolling the dough

A little cooked...but you have to wait for the poof

My dear mom (who will most likely kill me for posting this picture), flipping the roti so it won't burn

Starting to poof up a little....


The soft and steamy inside

Presenting her masterpiece, my beautiful mother


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