“Best of” (the encore edition)

I feel like a better title for this would have been: Best of: the “it’s so cold outside that I can’t even breathe the air” edition. But that’s just way too long for a title. It is that time of year again, though: the end of the fall semester and the beginning of snowstorms so large you can’t see out your window when they’re over (at least if you live in Michigan). Finals are about to be upon us college students and the holidays are about to be upon the rest of the world (assuming we college folk don’t fail, I’m sure the merriment of the season will arrive for us eventually as well).

Before I launch into a 20-page dissertation on the structure and function of the lower esophageal sphincter (no, I’m not actually qualified to do that but I’m sure plenty a dissertation has been written on said sphincter), I should post the recipes. Some are making a reappearance from the last “best of” post and some of them are brand new to the list, but you can be sure they’ll make the best use of the scarce variety of (truly good) produce available this time of year while providing all the comfort of comfort food without the crisis of the scale.

Great, now I sound like a cheesy Jenny Craig advertisement. See what hours of online anatomy lecture will do?!

Top 10 Winter Recipes

1. Roasted broccoli. Reason: Quick, easy, (mostly) dish-free and no hands-on time (hardly). Can you think of a better way to get your vegetables when you have a class ending at 8 PM?

2. Mushroom Methi. Reason: A picture couldn’t do this one justice. Plus my mom came up with it and we all know, if there’s one thing mothers can do, it’s cook good Indian food (well at least my mom).

3. Lasagna casserole. Reason: Spaghetti squash at its finest. (And they mocked me for using cottage cheese in lasagna!)

4. Butternut squash lasagna. Reason: Yet ANOTHER cheese + pasta dish. My idea of comfort food may seem limited but, come on, cheese + pasta? Hard to beat.

5. Butternut squash salad. Reason: Even though it’s laborious and uses expensive, gourmet ingredients, it’s comforting in the way that macaroni and cheese is without being heavy.

6. Macaroni with Goat Cheese and Zucchini. Reason: This actually IS macaroni and cheese without the “heavy”. It’s not quick; not necessarily easy, but oh so worth it.

7. Spaghetti Squash “Macaroni”. Reason: It’s my final take on the comfort that is macaroni and cheese. This one boasts both speed and a double whammy on the vegetable front.

8. Asian-style peanut butter chicken. Reason: Ah, peanut butter. How can a list of comfort food be complete without you?



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