October Ordeals

I despise change to the point of loathing. Every month, when it’s time to change the calendar, I pretend to forget for at least a week. I realize this leaves me a week behind the rest of the world, but, honestly, who cares?

It’s funny. I say I hate change but, the moment something changes, I want it to change back to the way it was before. I guess that’s not changing so much as reverting, which is an entirely different story.

October is always a month of change. Colors, smells, tastes, temperatures, even produce-everything seems to change in October. In some vague, resolute gesture, I attempt to continue to buy berries; all the while stuffing highly caloric substances down my throat, attempting to ignore the faint sense that the world has betrayed my trust yet again. I guess it’s part of the cosmic irony that I must be tortured twice a year. Specifically, tortured more than normal.


Chali (Indian corn on the cob) serves 1

  • 1 ear of corn, husk removed
  • fresh lemon
  • chat masala (available at an ethnic food store)

→Turn on grill or gas stove to medium-high. Grill corn over an open flame until blackened (not burnt though).
Rub corn with lemon. Sprinkle generously with chat masala.
And remember the swiftly dying days of summer.


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