“Best of” Recipes

I’ve wanted to do a post about my favorite recipes on this blog for awhile now. Last week, I did go through and reorganize all the old posts, including a new category for “favorite recipes,” but, when I got an email saying that there was going to be a sticky on one of our posts for the entire summer on the front page of the online newspaper I write for, I started to think about doing this again. Then I saw the category: “best of”. It’s like karma!

So, here it is, my personal favorites. I love all the recipes I post on this blog (unless otherwise stated), but these are the ones I come to time and again and have pretty much memorized by now. These are, very simply put, the best of best. So, grab a spoon, fork, spork, stick, or whatever else you feel like eating with and dig in!

Top 10 Summer-Time Recipes

1. Banana split with homemade ice cream. Reason: This recipe not only uses summer’s fruits to their fullest extent, but also has “ice cream” that’s much cheaper (and healthier) than Ben and Jerry’s.

2. Mango lassi. Reason: It’s simple, refreshing and oh so good for you. All while providing a multicultural experience!

3. Channa masala. Reason: Besides using one of my favorite ingredients, this recipe has a plethora of flavors unlike any other.

4. Muffins (no, not just any muffins). Reason: Even though I admit the picture isn’t one of my best (I was still new to the food photography game!), these muffins are a healthy alternative to the ones you’ll find at the mega-mart. They freeze well and make a great breakfast for the days you can’t even sit down and eat that bowl of overnight oatmeal.

5. The toasted/microwaved tortilla/wrap. Reason: It boasts an almost exorbitant number of uses for one item.

6. Breakfast smoothie. Reason: A great way to hide vegetables behind the deliciousness of fruit.

7. Butternut squash salad. Reason: Even though it’s laborious and uses expensive, gourmet ingredients, it’s comforting in the way that macaroni and cheese is without being heavy.

8. Roasted broccoli. Reason: Quick, easy, dish-free and no hands-on time (hardly). Can you think of a better way to get your vegetables when you have a lab ending at 9:30 PM?

9. Overnight breakfast oatmeal. Reason: You don’t have to worry about breakfast in the morning because, when you wake up, they’ll already be a delicious bowl full waiting for you.

10. Veggie wrap. Reason: hummus + eggplant, need I say more?


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