Galas, balls and the like

I just got back from the cardio ball. Lots of puffy dresses, lots of makeup and lots of really thin, really pretty girls.

I think I ate the most there that I’ve eaten in a long time. Honestly, I’m so depressed about it now that I can’t sleep. I mean, I know I probably didn’t eat half as many calories as I think I did. And I didn’t eat all day before going. But still. I just can’t get over the sinking feeling that I’m going to gain a lot of weight because of this.

I even tried to puke but nothing would come out. Every last bit of chocolate covered god knows what is bent on staying inside of me and being digested and turned into fat.

I can’t even think right now. I’m going to go watch TV and pray I don’t gain a million pounds…or something.


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