East Peasy Mac and Cheesy (Healthy Too!)

Today we’re going to discuss a basic principle of life:
Evil bureaucracy = No time for writing.

Actually, that’s it. See, if there was no evil bureaucracy in, let’s say, college, I might be able to spend some time on this post.

I might be able to say something, I don’t know, INTERESTING. But, alas, the point of this thing we call an educational institution is not to nurture the facets of the mind but, rather, to destroy them.

Soon we will all be robots named it and then only will the leaders of this horrible bureaucracy rest.

The Cheesiest!

The Cheesiest!

Edible Easy Mac

  • macaroni (yes, you can take a container of easy mac and boil the macaroni)
  • cubed or block cheddar cheese (I found a 1% milk block at wal-mart)
  • veggies (the horrors of education have produced a situation where I have been unable to go to the grocery store in 3 weeks, so I went with some frozen peppers and onions but broccoli would have been much better)
  • soy crumbles or beef crumbles or something like that

→Boil pasta.
Steam or saute the veggies/crumbles.
Drain pasta.
Put pasta back in pot and add cheese/sauteed veggies + crumbles.
Stir until sauce forms. Add milk if necessary.
Eat pasta.
Do dishes (this is actually a very important, often forgotten step)

Ahhh, memories of my 6th grade English class exercises where we tried to give our teacher directions to make a pb+j sandwich. The trick? We had to assume he had never heard of the concept before. My sandwich had a knife in it.


2 responses to “East Peasy Mac and Cheesy (Healthy Too!)

  1. MB October 21, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    sounds nice! i like the part… eat pasta…do dishes:D

  2. jord January 14, 2010 at 9:53 pm

    mm looks good

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