Writer’s Block

This post really has nothing to do with food. It should have something to do with food, seeing how this is a food blog and I’m eating food right now and I have a great recipe for spaghetti squash goat cheese lasagna (say it five times fast).

No, I don’t really feel like writing about food today. I don’t really feel like writing at all today but I’m hoping writing here might help me feel like writing so I can write my article that’s due in about 2 hours. Yes, this is the extent of my procrastination. Two hours before, and I still have about a tenth of the article, not to mention zero quotes.

Oh, and as if that weren’t amusing enough, I skipped the staff meeting today.

Do you want to know WHY I skipped the staff meeting? Well, it was because I have the world’s worst “bedside table” that seems to be incapable of actually allowing objects to sit on top of it. Although I’ve managed to chain my clock to the table, my glasses, which must be removed every morning, like to fall off and end up in strange places (i.e. under the covers). How they get from the table to under the covers is completely beyond me but, seeing as how I’m half blind, I can barely find them if they actually manage to stay ON the table.

I think the bedside table gods are out to get me. If I told a doctor that, they would diagnose me with paranoia and give me some pill or something but I swear to god that the tables are out to get me. As are the computers.

The good news, though, is that I’ve lulled my cell phone into quiet submission by throwing it against the wall several times. Take that, evil cell phone that sounded like a dying pig/cow/something whenever it rang! You shall not best me!!!! Of course, now the screen’s broken so I can’t see anything anymore, but at least the annoying ring is gone.

I think there was a point to this but, seeing as how I’ve clearly forgotten it, I’m just going to leave you with this picture of a bunny and a pancake, just to bring the focus back to food and all.



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