Taste Test: Nature’s Pride Bread

Nature's Pride

Nature's Pride

When Foodbuzz sent all their featured published an invitation to try “Nature’s Pride Bread”, I was probably the first to sign up. Nature’s Pride? I thought, It’s got to be healthy.

Upon receiving the bread, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Not because I had actually tried it and it tasted horrible but because I had seen this bread every day in the dining hall since I started going there. It seems to be the bread no one wants and the only one that’s ever there. I never actually tried it though because, at 110 calories per slice, I felt it wasn’t worth it.

Now, I had two loaves of the stuff (pictured above) that I had volunteered to receive. I had to try it.

I started with the 12 Grain: I took a slice out and sniffed it, Hmmmm….nutty; it looked a little moldy until I realized those were just flakes of the grain; some more sniffing and I decided had better just eat the stuff.

I thought of putting some sugar-free jelly on it since it already had a nutty tinge but went ahead and tried my first slice straight up. I have to say, it was yummy, even without anything on it. I can’t compare it to “normal bread” because the closest I’ve ever gotten to “normal bread” is the stuff my mom used to by that had far fewer calories than this.

The thing about this bread is that it tastes good on its own. Because it’s own flavor is so strong, I’m not sure it would make a good sandwich with all different sorts of toppings. It needs a complement. For the 110 calories a slice (and low-fiber/protein content), I’d say it’s not the best choice for those worried about anything beyond taste, texture, and natural ingredients. It does trump Texas Toast by several points though, so if that’s your bread of choice, you ought to give this a try.

It wouldn’t be filling enough in a sandwich anyway but more so in something like a bread pudding or french toast. Especially one with chocolate soymilk like my Aphrodisiac French Toast (just use the no peanut powder version).

So there you have it-not the best, but definitely on my list of specialty breads.


2 responses to “Taste Test: Nature’s Pride Bread

  1. Jordan October 15, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Nature’s Pride ain’t got shit on Koepplingers.
    Nice article, though

    • eeyoreblues27 October 15, 2009 at 4:45 pm

      Well, next time there’s a free loaf of Koepplingers, I’ll make sure to get it. 😀
      Thanks for commenting though.

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