Quick and Easy Pizza Wrap

One of my biggest annoyances in life is when you go to the grocery store, think it might be a good idea to pick up some of those frozen pre-made wrap thingies, and then realize the company stopped making them. Replace “frozen pre-made wrap” with any multitude of discontinued products and you have the story of my life. It took me years to find a store-bought hummus I actually WANTED to eat and, after a few months, they discontinued it.

Do I just have this knack for picking foods that the rest of the world doesn’t like? I guess the whole vegetarian thing doesn’t help either.

On that subject, I came up with this little wrap do-hickey during the week of final exams for the summer semester, so it’s not exactly a new recipe. It’s easy though, not even really worth being called a recipe, but I thought I would post it for any freshman who happened upon this blog wondering what to do with those microwaves they bought in their “oh my god, I’m going to college” buying frenzy.

As to myself, the only thing I’ve eaten ever since my birthday on August 27th that’s not a sugar-laden protein bar/cookie/other junk food or low-calorie bagel is the lunch I had at Altu’s today (which was delicious but more about that later).

Veggie Pizza (with Yves Pepperoni)

Veggie Pizza (with Yves Pepperoni)

Tortilla Pizza

  • 1 wrap/tortilla
  • Pizza sauce (or not)
  • any toppings (veggies, cheese, fruit, etc…be creative!)
  • your microwave

→This is really easy. Put all the toppings on the tortilla/wrap in the order desired (do you like sauce on top? you can do that). Microwave until the cheese is melty and everything is warm. Wrap and eat.
OR you can use the microwave crust recipe I talked about earlier and then just put the toppings on the crispy tortilla.

I’m hoping to start exploring a culture soon, I just need to pick one. And, I’m waiting for the editor to put my new layout up so I can organize the blog into better categories. Hopefully, that’ll be soon!


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