Another Banana Split (and homemade ice-cream)

I’m in posting deprivation! Well, to be honest, it’s more like cooking deprivation due to excessive procrastination of the academic nature. Hopefully, I’ll make some progress in the food invention field when my summer classes are over.

I made this last night for dinner when I couldn’t think of anything else. I went out for a walk, not realizing it was 80 degrees outside (in Michigan?!!), and came back dying for something cold, creamy, juicy and cold. I swear if I had the 90-calorie/scoop brownie fudge ice cream from Wal-Mart in my freezer I would have just dug right in to that with my index finger. (I have modified the Weight Watchers core plan to include ice cream provided it has roughly the same nutritional content of prepared sugar-free/fat-free Jell-O pudding and some other food items that hard-core dieters would abhor me for….more on that later). To be fair, I didn’t actually end up eating it till midnight because I realized that I hadn’t taken my online exam which was due AT MIDNIGHT, but it was even better then.

This recipe has two parts: the first is the ice cream and the second is the banana split. I wish I would have taken a picture of the ice cream part because, in the final picture, it got covered up with all the delicious chopped fruit (as did the banana). Ah well, just use your “i-ma-gin-a-tion” (mental image of Spongebob Squarepants drawing a rainbow over his head) to see the three big scoops of vanilla “ice cream” that are under all the delicious fruit.

No room for cereal....

No room for cereal....

Banana Split (Part II)

See recipe notes for amounts.

  • Fruit of choice: banana (obviously), strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, kiwi….yes, I’m a tropical fruit gal
  • Cereal of choice (optional)
  • Yogurt (I made vanilla ice cream so I used vanilla yogurt)
  • Jell-O pudding mix (always sugar free/fat free), flavor of choice (mine was vanilla again)
  • Milk (to make the Jell-O)

→Make the “ice cream”:
First, make the pudding (just follow the package).
Add yogurt to the prepared pudding (NOTE: the yogurt is optional…I dumped it in to add nutrition and bulk for fewer calories. Think about how much you want here: mine was a meal, so I used 6oz of yogurt and 2 servings of pudding, which was A LOT).
Stir the two together vigorously until well blended.
Put it in an ice cream maker or use the freeze-mix-freeze method described earlier.
Construct your banana split once the ice cream is ready:
Cut the banana in half lengthwise, so you end up with two strips. Put them in a dish and glob the ice cream in between.
Top with the toppings. Yummy!

Side Note: I know I tagged this with “quick” (even though it took ME 4 hours to make it). If you have an ice cream maker that you can figure out how to work, it’ll take less than 15-20 minutes. Plus, the hands-on time is really only about 5-10 minutes (depending on your chopping dexterity).


2 responses to “Another Banana Split (and homemade ice-cream)

  1. burpexcuzme August 3, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    whoa! That DOES look so good!

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