The Best Breakfast Ever

Other than being extremely joyous over the return of my internet connection, I don’t really have any interesting news. The past few days have been getting by and realizing how pathetically dependent I am on the world wide web.

Here are the following things I realized that were really disturbing:
1) Not having internet makes me cranky….abnormally so.
2) There are certain people I should NOT (never ever ever ever EVER) turn to in my times of need
3) There are certain people with whom my relationship has been purely take and those people give no indication (upon ASKING) that they will ever want something in return. These people are the few in the world who make me believe there is something good about me that I deserve them in my life.
4) There are VERY few people who I enjoy talking to and/or would go out of my way to talk to (i.e. sitting in my car outside of Kroger at midnight simply to talk to said people).
5) I am absurdly reliant on the internet to conduct my daily life and find there is NOTHING I can do without it (NOTHING, not even cook, since most of my good recipes are stored on this blog).

So in the spirit of now once again having access to the wonderfulness that encompasses this vital piece of technology, I am going to post the one breakfast/snack recipe simple enough that I could remember it with confidence (and make it).

Why have cooked oatmeal?

Why ever have cooked oatmeal?

Overnight Oatmeal Bowl

  • Oatmeal (2/3c. old fashioned oats)
  • Yogurt (I use one vanilla kroger carb master)
  • Fruit of choice (blueberries are perfect for this, especially in this time of year when they’re such good ones)
  • Milk (I use 8th continent light original)
  • Cereal (Fiber One original)

→Okay, pretty simple. The night before, put the oatmeal in a bowl. Add yogurt and stir well. And milk gradually (stirring after each tablespoon or so and stopping when the consistency is that of regular cooked oatmeal). Cover with a plate and put in the fridge. In the morning, add more milk using the same process as before (it will probably be much thicker than oatmeal by now and will need some thinning). Handful of blueberries, handful of cereal and you have…..

dun dun da…..



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