It’s not WHAT you count, it’s HOW MUCH

I’ve been on every diet under the sun. You pick one, I’ve been on it. From complete and total starvation for an extended period (to the point of death) to diets that restricted/eliminated one or more foods to eat everything under a certain number of calories.

The first killed me (literally, it brought me so close to death I ended up in the hospital with a hole in my lung and a heart rate less than 1/3 of normal), the second categories didn’t last too long and the third, although provided initial success, resulted in weight regain a couple months later.

There’s a new study out that says no matter how you diet, all that matters is that you do. Carbs, calories, fat, sugar, protein, ratios….none of that matters and trying to count all of them is pointless, only leading to diet fatigue.

To read more, click here: Largest Collective Study on Types of Diets and Their Effectiveness


One response to “It’s not WHAT you count, it’s HOW MUCH

  1. dragonlife June 21, 2009 at 6:24 am

    Dear Friend!
    There is only one good diet:
    Eat good food reasonably. Do not hesitate on the money as that will not go to the doctor later.
    Plenty of normal exercise and keep yourself busy!


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