Ice Cream-less Banana Split (with a cherry on top)

So I came home from work yesterday (around 8:30) and, the moment I stepped in the door, I had this incredible urge to be thin and binge all at the same time (I used to have these a lot when I was really overweight). It’s a strange feeling to stand there, with a million things on your mind, and be able to think about nothing more than being thin and eating a cookie.

I realized pretty early on in my life that “being thin” was never going to come easy for me. I figured that, school was easy and I was smart and creative, skinny being easy would just make life too boring.

The reason I tell this story, now (and here), is because a) it really was the feeling I experienced as I walked in the door and b) it is what led to the creation of what was to later become the first “like-substance” (I never thought to call them that originally). And. following the eternally cyclical form of the natural world, led to the creation of this one (which is highly adaptable).

Sadly, I didn’t have any cherries (I used all my no sugar added cherry pie filling on the Cherry Cheesecake “Jell(at)-o” I made awhile back, but I would have most definitely put a cherry on top had I had one (because it was just that kind of day).


Banana Split (without the cream)

Banana Split (without the cream)


Banana + Yogurt + Mmmmmm
1 banana (sliced lengthwise)
Yogurt/thickener of choice (see note)
Toppings (I used sugar free chocolate sauce and Fiber One)
1 cherry
→Put the banana in a dish. Blend the yogurt and thickener (see note) and, using an ice cream scoop (or spoon) glob a few scoops of that in between the two halves of the banana. Top as desired.

Note: This is highly personalize-able. I didn’t have very much on hand, so I mixed some Greek yogurt with Spiru-tein protein powder (cookies and cream flavor). It came out okay, but not the best, so I added one container of pre-made Jell-o sugar free pudding (for the middle two scoops) which helped a little. There are really two “best ways” to make this dessert and still have it be nutritious enough to count as a protein/dairy serving instead of a sugar serving (which would be the case with ANY type of store bought “low-calorie ice cream”:
1. If you have time: instead of the filling above, take any flavor of “light” yogurt (whatever you think sounds good in a banana split) and dump at least two to three 6oz cartons into a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth (you can usually find most of these at the local grocery store or mega-mart). Place the sieve (or cheesecloth) over a container so there’s something to catch the drippings and put the whole thing in the fridge (covered) for a few hours to overnight (depending on how thin your yogurt is). If you do this with plain yogurt, it’ll actually be cheaper, homemade “Greek yogurt”. Advantage: all you need ingredient-wise is the yogurt. Disadvantage: unless you start keeping this stuff around (which I might start doing), it takes a long time to get to the yumminess.

2. Find an extremely thick variety of yogurt (preferably a healthy one) and pick three flavors you like (they can all be the same or any combination). Freeze them just a little bit (unopened, in the carton) until you hear a tiny bit of cracking when you squeeze the outside of the containers (as if there’s a ring of frozen yogurt around the inside of the container). Open the yogurts, hold them upside down over the dish with the banana halves in them and squeeze gently. The entire container of yogurt should fall out at once, forming a container shaped mound. If you do it with all three, you’ll have three “scoops” of frozen yogurt.

You could also make your own yogurt from scratch, but that’s a whole different post.


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