Easy Freezy “JELLatO”

Now that that’s taken care of, on to the recipe of the day. Apparently, heat waves don’t spur great ice cream renovations in the kitchen, “cold waves” do. It was most definitely noticeably colder yesterday, and…I discovered the perfect fat-free, sugar-free ice cream recipe. Well, okay, TECHNICALLY, there’s no such thing as “fat-free, sugar-free ice cream,” because ice cream is defined at being high in sugar and fat (some etymological thing). Who cares, though, right?

So, as I was cleaning (yes, I know, I know…me? cleaning?!) my pantry yesterday, I found a bag full of evaporated milk cans lying on the floor. I must have gone a little “evaporated milk happy” last Thanksgiving when I first discovered the plethora of uses for the stuff. I pick one up: “Best if used by 6/09/09”. Oh great, there’s like *counts* FIVE cans of this stuff. And most baking recipes call for only half a can if even that. So the itty bitty wheels in my head start turning, albeit slowly, and I move from evaporated milk to refrigerated milk to yogurt/cheeses to creamy substances in general to ICE CREAM. Yay. It’s summertime too and the Blue Bunny ones at Wal-Mart are getting expensive.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Add other ingredients: stabilizer, thinner, flavor….would it work? My god! It did!!!!

Just so you know, I gave up on my ice cream maker after wasting an entire half gallon of soymilk and half a container of peanut butter ($3.50-$4.00 worth of ingredients!) on a very botched batch of peanut butter gelato. Not to mention the huge mess I had to deal with afterward as I tried to salvage the doomed treat. So, from now on (unless I somehow acquire a semi-decent ice cream maker (does such a thing exist?)), all my “ice cream” recipes will be made using the “mix, freeze for awhile, mix again, freeze again, mix again and so on” method. I’m sure it would be better if you had an actual functioning ice cream maker that doesn’t annoy the shit out of you, so………..(I forgot what my point was), uh, always keep that in mind? I guess.

I’m beginning to think there may have been some brain damage in that car accident….
Anyway, on to the recipe whose secret ingredient, as I’m sure you’ve already deduced, is JELL-O!!!! pudding. Yay!!!!!

Cheery Cherry Cheesecake

Cheery Cherry Cheesecake

Basic Recipe
1. 1.4 oz container JELL-O sf/ff instant pudding and pie filling mix
2. 1 cup milk
3. 1 12oz can evaporated fat free milk (NOT CONDENSED MILK)
4. sweetners to taste (for the basic vanilla, use about 2T of sugar and 2T of sugar substitute…the real sugar will help eliminate ice crystals and give it a better mouth feel).
→Simple: Mix well, chill and freeze by following your ice-cream maker’s directions or using the “freeze/mix/freeze/mix…” method described above.

Some Flavor Suggestions
1. Cherry Cheesecake: use cheesecake flavored pudding mix and stir in about half a can of no sugar added cherry pie filling (only 105 calories for 1 cup) before you began the freezing process.

2. Chocoberry: use chocolate fudge (or white chocolate) pudding mix and stir in some sugar free berry flavored jam as close to the end of the freezing process as you can (so it makes swirls). This one works a little better with an ice cream maker because you can add the jam in while the machine is turning.

3. (Orange) Chocolate Chip: use vanilla pudding mix and stir in sugar-free chocolate chips (the same way as in the chocoberry). Or, for an orange version, mix in some sf orange drink mix with the pudding mix.

4. I don’t know! I’m all out of ideas. But I bet you could turn any of your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavors into a “Ben and Jerry’s like substance”!


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