Another Frozen Delight (Plus Fruit!)

Here’s another one for the ice cream maker, designed for personalization. It’s actually frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, but since it seems probiotics are the new rage…why not?

I broke out my ice cream maker to make the peanut butter gelato and, annoying piece of crap that it is, I figured that I might as well make another recipe while I was at it. (I have one of the old fashioned ice and rock salt makers so it’s a pain to clean out the rock salt and takes up a ton of room in the sink).

I opened the fridge to see what I had left that could be turned into ice cream. Soymilk? No, generally too hard to improvise with due to lack of fat and consistency. Cottage cheese? No, I’d have to blenderize it first, meaning I’d have to clean the blender. And then there it was, the answer: My Kroger Carbsmart yogurts.

Now what to add? I could always make vanilla, but that would be boring. Anything chocolate chip has too many calories. Baby food! My new addiction has come to some culinary use…

Fruity Fro-yo Makes 1 Quart
1. 8 oz. yogurt of choice
2. 1 cup pureed fruit (I used about four containers of baby food)
3. sweetener (if you need it…taste the mix–it should be sweeter than you want it to be when it’s done)
4. a pinch of xanthan or guar gum (this is optional, but will give the fro-yo a creamier mouth feel when it’s done)
5. a tablespoon of vegetable glycerin or liquor (also optional but it will keep the ice cream from freezing up too hard if you want to store it for later)
→Mix it all together, chill it and churn it up in the ice cream maker. Yummy…

I know the liquor might be a problem for some who are opposed to alcohol. Keep in mind it’s only a tablespoon but, if you’re under 21, try to find the vegetable glycerin or just make enough so that you and whoever else is around can it it within a few hours.


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