Chick’n Parmigiano

So this is one of those really easy recipes that don’t require much work. No story behind this one, just bored one day and needed something that didn’t require work. I had one veggie chicken breast left but I was out of the peanut butter I use to make the pb chick’n and broccoli, so, here it is.

Chick’n Parmesan Serves 1
1. 1 fake or real chicken breast
2. 1/4c. no sugar added spaghetti sauce (Hunt’s is great, or I might post a quick recipe for it later)
3. 1/4c fat free or low fat mozzarella cheese
4. a pinch of parmesan
5. garlic and or italian seasoning (as much as you want!)
→Spray a small (shallow) baking dish with nonstick spray. Season the breast (or fake breast preferably!) with garlic, italian seasoning or pepper. Put it in the dish and pour pasta sauce over it (you can use more sauce if you want). Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes (I did mine in a toaster oven, so I did it at 350 instead for 55 minutes). Sprinkle with cheese and bake for about five minutes. You’re done! Yummy italian with less than 10 minutes of work!

If you must, dip it in some textured vegetable protein, flaxmeal (ground up flaxseeds, oat flour (ground up oat bran), bread crumbs made from low calorie bread or oat bran before putting it in the dish. Use very little though because all of those things not only add calories, but also change the texture/taste of the food because they don’t act the same way as bread does (except the bread crumbs from low calorie bread).


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