So, at the request of one of my coworkers, I’m going to post a recipe for cheesecake. The filling is actually stolen off of the Jello website, but the crust is all my own.

Cheesecake Crust
1. 1 cup bread crumbs (the trick her is to use a low-density bread, any of the light varieties will do, or some kind of low carb product…don’t make the crumbs too fine and you’ll end up with a little bit of a courser crust but with a LOT less calories)
2. flavorings and/or splenda (be creative: if you decide to make the crust with cocoa powder and splenda, add some mint extract to the filling, which I’ll get to in a minute).
3. 2.5T I can’t believe it’s not butter LIGHT (or other low calorie butter-like substance) plus enough water to make it stick.
→Mix crumbs and flavorings. Mix in melted butter and press into a springform pan. Cool. Or don’t. Doesn’t really matter

Cheesecake Filling
2/3 cup boiling water
1 pkg. (3 oz.) JELL-O Sugar Free Gelatin
1 cup Low Fat Cottage Cheese
1 tub (8 oz.) Fat Free Cream Cheese
2 cups thawed Fat Free or Sugar Free Whipped Topping
→Add boiling water to gelatin mix; stir 2 min. until completely dissolved. Cool 5 min.; pour into blender. Add cottage cheese and cream cheese; blend well. Pour into large bowl. Gently stir in topping. Pour on top of crust. Refrigerate for awhile.

Okay, that filling was copied mostly from the Jello website, but, here’s my take on it. That cheesecake is good, for something simple that, unfortunately, tastes just as simple.

If you want to mix it up, replace some of the cool whip with jello sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding + milk–more flavor combinations, and less calories depending on the milk. If you really want to take control, use unflavored gelatin and just go wild. Whatever. Add fruit, add nuts, use lowfat cream cheese and fat free cottage cheese, do it without the crust, pour it in muffin tins, use the filling as a face cream…really, it’s your cheesecake, do what you want with it (unless, of course, it’s for someone else, in which case you should do what THEY want with it).


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