Almost Boot’s Sandwich

When I was at Cambridge this past summer for a few months, I (very foolishly) thought it would be a good idea not to get a meal plan. I figured there would be a microwave or something and I really didn’t need all the unhealthy “dorm food”.

To my dismay, I discovered upon arrival that all I had was a fridge and a measly one at that so I would have to find somewhere to get breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day…not to mention the whole no cooked foods thing. It is through this necessity that I discovered the glorious, wonderfully healthy deliciousness that is the sandwich of the pharmacy Boot’s. Yes, in England, amid the pills and shampoos are fresh sandwiches, salads, and dips all with calorie labels to boot (not to mention the price wasn’t too bad either). I was in sandwich heaven…sort of.

Now, before this, I had never been much of a sandwich fan. Probably because, when I thought of sandwich, I thought of the sandwiches they served on bus rides-the ones with a slice of just barely edible processed cheese stuck between two slices of day old white bread-not healthy by any stretch of imagination and not really very appetizing either.

These sandwiches were different. They had hummus in them (my second love, after peanut butter, of course). How bad could they be?

Let’s just say, after that first day at Boot’s, I’ve eaten at least one sandwich every day…in fact, if I don’t, I go into sandwich withdrawal (and, believe me, it’s not pretty).

Cheesy Hummus Sandwich/Wrap
1. cream cheese (use light or fat free)
2. hummus (I like the “Basha” brand but find one that’s suited to your tastes)
3. cheddar cheese (once again, light or fat free)
4. cucumbers
5. tomatoes
6. red onions
7. sprouts (alfalfa are my favorite)
→ I usually use 2T of the cream cheese and hummus and an ounce of cheddar, then add the other stuff and wrap it up in a low carb wrap.

Admittedly, a little ingredient heavy for a sandwich, but well worth it.


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