Alfredo meets Marinara

After making this sauce for the first time yesterday and arranging it oh so artistically on the plate, I began to wonder how all those food blogs manage to take beautiful pictures of their food half-eaten. How do you eat something so it still looks “nice” after you’ve taken a few bites? Usually, when I’m half-way through a plate of food, it looks like a 3-year-old just had a go at it.

So, unfortunately, until I master how to eat as neatly as I cook, there will be no pictures of half-eaten food. I did take a picture of the whole dish, but, equally unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to hook my camera up to my computer yet. So, um, I’m working on it.

"Alfredo" over low-carb spaghetti

"Alfredo" over low-carb spaghetti

Creamy Pasta Sauce Serves 1
1. Fresh or frozen vegetables of your choice (I used frozen pepper/onion blend, but broccoli or zucchini would work well too)
2. Pasta sauce of your choice (Hunt’s sauce with basil and garlic works well and doesn’t have any added sugar)
3. 1-1.5 oz goat cheese
→ All you have to do is stir-fry the vegetables until their a little browned, decrease the heat to medium-low, pour the sauce in, and let it heat up a little. Then, you turn the heat down to low and drop the chunks of goat cheese in. Stir till creamy, pour over pasta of choice and enjoy!


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